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Marriage counselling Melbourne

Keith Wray is the leading psychologist specializing in marriage counselling and relationship counselling within the eastern and southern regions of Melbourne. His psychology practice is devoted almost exclusively to working with couples or individuals where relationship issues are the major concern.

Counselling Issues Include...

  • Conflict and anger
  • Loss of passionate/romantic feelings
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Work/home boundary issues
  • Feelings of incompatibility
  • Cultural differences
  • Threatened separation by one partner
  • An affair
  • Addictions such as gambling, alcohol or internet pornography
  • Financial conflicts
  • Mental or physical illness of one or both partners

With Keith's help hundreds of couples have been able to resolve these and other persistent problems in just a few sessions and then move forward in their lives with renewed freedom and vitality.

If any of the above problems have caused your relationship to bog down and you are ready to put some effort into getting things unstuck and moving forward, phone the number above or click on the Enquiry/Contact and arrange a first session. To get more information go to FAQ.

Marriage Counselling Melbourne

Marriage counselling theory and practice has benefitted enormously from the growth of interest and knowledge in psychology and psychotherapy.  Couples therapy involves the application of psychotherapeutic skills to bring about positive change.  As with theoretical models of individual psychotherapy, couples therapy can be broadly divided into two groups. Those which focus on behaviour, thoughts and emotions available to conscious awareness; cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is the most widely used in this category.  Or, those which place emphasis on thoughts and emotions outside normal conscious awareness - that part of the mind referred to as the unconscious. The unconscious is made up of patterns established in previous relationships, going right back to childhood, and even infancy, which continue to influence interactions in the present.  The forms of therapy which take unconscious processes into consideration are referred to as psychodynamic or psychoanalytic.  A third group, systemic, focuses on the whole family as a system rather than on the individuals which make up the couple.


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